Getting Your Collectible Ready for Moving

Movers in Ajax

Best Ajax Movers suggest packing fine collectible in their authentic packages, if it is possible, for better protection. However, when these aren’t accessible, our Ajax movers can wrap up your collectible in safe packing containers, which are padded with bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts.

Below are a few things to consider while packaging your collectible:

  • Pack small collectible things like silver or gold coins, stamps, diamond jewellery, etc. and carry these with you.
  • China, crystal and fragile ceramic needs to be professionally covered with fine tissue and placed into specially designed pocket containers. Remember to place plates sitting on side.
  • Pack collectible dolls, collectible figurines and statues as you would pack other fragile items. Wrap them one by one in soft tissue, then in bubble wrap padding the box with Styrofoam peanuts or paper. When necessary, use double-walled packages.
  • Ask your Movers in Ajax about proper packing of wine bottles or any other disposable collections. Certain preparations may be required in order to guarantee the maximum care while in transit.
  • Label all boxes that contain glass wares and breakables with “Fragile” labelling.
  • Leave aside pieces which you prefer to be packed by professional movers.
  • Ask your movers about uncommon or hard-to-move collections.

Make a summary of your collectible for the property owner’s insurance coverage.

Let’s Move Your Aquarium!

Movers in Ajax (Ontario)


Often Movers in Ajax (Ontario), get the question of how to move the aquarium with fishes. Let us give some instruction about this topic.

A short travel of one or two hours aquarium fishes tolerate quite easy and it’s enough to put them in a jar or plastic bag. It is more difficult when the move is prolonged and most of the times a house moving can last all day.

For a long term moving though, it’s better to use the same regular plastic bag. The bigger bag – the better is for fishes; the less fishes in the bag- the better for them. Consider 5-7 fishes (2 cm long) per 1 litter of water.  When you have to move large amount of fishes, you have to think about extra oxygen supply. The volume of air in the package must exceed the amount of water at least twice. You can ask the pet store for the pack filled with oxygen. To prevent leakage, it is better to use two bags, placing one into another. Pay attention on angles of the package. Try to tie them so the fishes will not get hurt or smashed. You can also ask for a package with rounded angles from the pet shop.

Fishes can also be transported in hard plastic containers. It is a better choice for bigger fishes or for those species with sharp spikes. It is easy to let the oxygen in, simply by removing the cover. To avoid stress for your fishes, it’s better to use a darkened container. Also a good option would be Therm-Bag, which is dark enough and also keeping comfortable temperature for the fishes regardless of the season. Use the water from the aquarium. It must be done in advance and carefully, making sure that the water is well filtered and clean.

Do not feed the fishes for 24 Hrs before your move and separate fish fry from adult fishes.

Upon arriving to your new home, do not place your fishes directly into the fish tank, as the water temperature in the package must be the same as in the main container. To match the temperature, the easiest way is to put the package without untying it directly to the aquarium.

When the temperatures are equalized, untie the bag and let the water out by portions. When the water from the tank makes up most of the water that is in the package, and the fish will normally react to it, it will be possible to release them freely into the aquarium.

Home Relocation in Ajax

Ajax Movers

If you value your time, if you really believe that “time is money”, then you should imagine how much time any moving takes. You have to look for packing supplies, and then pack all your stuff, and then load them into vehicle, which also has to be ordered and be of proper dimensions. After that you have to drive to another part of the city, or even to another city, and then, you’ll still need to unload your stuff, unpack and arrange them to the right place.  Sounds really time consuming, and don’t forget that in reality it’s usually takes even longer due to various everyday problems:  the truck did not come on time, your helpers worked longer than planned, plus traffic jam, bad weather or something else more. You have to be prepared that all those circumstances may occur and could ruin your plans, even if your moving had been planned to the smallest detail. Therefore, Ajax Movers advise you to plan the main organizational stages of the process, but not planning them by hour. Among the main organizational matters are: truck reservation, ordering movers and packing supplies. Prices depend on number of movers you got.  The more movers you order – the faster they will load all your stuff. The truck is also paid per hour of work. Accordingly, if you do have lots of things which require time for loading and unloading, be prepared for the fact that truck would cost a good amount of money for the time of operation, carrying your home relocation.

All these questions can be resolved immediately if contacting Best Ajax Movers. We will help you choosing the right truck for your move (considering your queries on transportation of bulky items like beds, wardrobes and other furniture); also, our Ajax moving company will provide you the necessary number of movers and packing materials at the lowest price.